KIDS EXERCISE THEIR Alphabets for Literacy, Fun, and Health

Research shows that TYPOGRAPHY changes behavior, learning, and well-being, yet NO civilization ever designed alphabets for the active learning styles of young children. To address this oversight, Alphabet Fitness introduces Fitness-linked alphabet fonts for kids 3 to 103!

Choose a font from the Fitness Font menu and start exercising in sync with your ABCs.  Watch the health and learning benefits that naturally unfold as kids playfully body type letters onto their brains!

We bend, we stretch, we twist and turn,
It’s hard when we first start,
But soon we learn to get it right,
‘Cause muscles are really smart!

Alphabet Fitness Fonts Teach Global Kids
their ABCs!

Chimp ABC’s aid in education and stress relief movement in
post-disaster Haiti

Download our free Chimp Chatter typing game!
Mac Version | PC Version


(Compatible with PC & MAC computer platforms)

May be played with or without volume.

“Chimp Chatter is very interesting to kids. We project the chimp letters onto the class wall. It’s really an easier way to teach, even to the very young. Kids are practicing it in sport lesson time also!”
– Staff at A diverse team of non-profit and private industry professionals with a vocation for empowering African girls through education.

MISS SPELLS teaches girls alphabet agility at Georges Malaika School, Congo.



View our video to see us in action!

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